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What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the top few inches of the ground you are going to use, it is essential that this top layer of soil has all of the nutrients required for your palnting project or new lawn

Choosing the right Topsoil

It is important that you buy the right topsoil for your project, cheap recycled soils that have come from skip waste have no place in a healthy garden, laying a new lawn or trying to plant borders in this soil is like putting diesel in a petrol car.

Topsoil for your new lawn

Turf is very hardy and will find a way to make root to some of the worst surfaces such as soil that is heavy and full of clay, we have even seen people laying turf on building sand but to keep up a healthy lush lawn it is essential that you use a quality clean farm sourced topsoil like our farm sourced soil, Just like humans can survive on pizza and fizzy drinks we would be much healthier on organic vegetables and steamed fish and your lawn is no different a clean fertile loamy soil will provide all of the goodness for rapid root establishment, a healthy green colour and moisture retention.

Topsoil for your flower beds and veg growing

For flower beds and vegetable growing our soil will produce great results, and will provide all of the natural nitrogen and elements that your chosen crops require

Summer Lawn Care Tips

At this time in the season water is absolutely vital! it is important that you really give the lawn a good soaking and not just a quick 2 minute splash! however try to avoid over watering as this will encourage weeds to flourish. During June the combination of sunlight and water will mean mowing will have to be carried out 2-3 times a week, a light spiking every 5 or 6 weeks will also help aerate the bottom of the grass. As we start heading in to July do not be to alarmed if your lawn starts to loose its colour a little bit, this is normal at this time of year and is your lawns natural defence against the strong sunlight.

Laying your new lawn

Laying a new lawn is surprisingly simple the hardest part of the project is the preparation, The aim of laying your new lawn is obviously to get it as level as possible, to achieve this it is essential that you have a loose workable surface, this can be achieved by rotavating the area,digging it over manually or adding a new layer of topsoil. The best way of doing the job is to add around 1 or 2 inches of a clean topsoil for some added root kick,this will create a loose workable surface,aid water retention and add all the nutrients required for rapid root establishment. Digging the old lawn/soil over manually will suffice and is clearly the cheapest way however it is physically hard work.